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Responsibly Delicious.
Sustainably Good.

Hormone and Antibiotic Free, Grass-Fed Beef, Pork & Lamb
from the Heart of Colorado’s Grasslands

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Restore Colorado Grasslands With Every Bite


Responsibly Raised

Quality, local, antibiotic and hormone free, we raise our animals using holistic grazing practices in a humane and healthy environment.


Easy Delivery

Order a subscription and save or simply purchase a one-time box. We’ll package your order carefully so it arrives ready to freeze or eat.


Restore the Grasslands

Our award winning grazing practices support the ecological restoration of the largest contiguous prairie landscape in proximity to Denver.

Eat Different

You deserve to enjoy your food knowing it’s truly the healthiest, most sustainable product you can buy.

Like you, we want to 100% trust the food we put on the table.

Which is why Willow Creek Meats is different.

We eat meat like everyone else and know that what we feed our families is hormone and antibiotic free and is raised in the most ecologically responsible and natural way.

We offer grass-fed/grass finished meats and grass-fed/grain-finished meats to provide you with the best tasting, healthiest meat options to share with your family and friends.

And we guarantee that what you get is exactly what we promise – only the best!

“Words can’t express how good the flavor of Willow Creek Meats really is. Juicy, tender, and amazing. That it’s all natural and local, makes us feel even more confident about what we’re eating.”


How It Works


Choose Your Box

We offer small and large subscription and one-time boxes to satisfy your hunger and cravings.

Discover familiar cuts and learn how to cook or grill some of our favorites.


Delivery Direct to You

Shipped in our custom packaging, you’ll receive your meat directly to your door within our service delivery area — freshness guaranteed.


Enjoy Tasty Meats

Choose from Grass Finished or Grain Finished, discover the tastiest and healthiest you’ve tried.

We’ll share tips, recipes and more to help you find your flavor of delicious!

Ready to give it a try?

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Our Story

Willow Creek Meats brings together 5 generations of cattle ranching knowledge with holistic grazing management, so that we can offer the best tasting, responsibly raised meats in Colorado.

We proudly grow food that we know has been raised in a responsible and loving way.

Located just outside of Denver, we continuously strive to set the standard in premium quality meats while paving the way for ecological restoration and sustainably raised livestock and cattle.

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Are you 100% sure that the beef, lamb and pork you’re eating is humanely raised and hormone free?

We Are!