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Eating Meat Can Be Oh So Sustainably Good!

...and now it can be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Never run out of your favorite cuts of meat and grab a box today - small or large, we’ll satisfy your every craving!

Recurring or Flexible Home Delivery Subscriptions are One Click Away.


How Our Subscriptions Work

Select Your Box

Currently we offer both small and large boxes depending on your current hunger pains. Available both in one-time and subscription.


Select Your Bundles

Customize your delivery with our perfectly paired meat bundles. And while we don’t take custom orders, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you need.


Enjoy Premium Cuts at Home

Whether you buy one-time or save with one of our subscriptions, you’ll get your favorite cuts, recipes and tips delivered directly to your door!



We offer flexible small & large box subscriptions

Make a single purchase or select a recurring subscriptions and save! Designed to work with your personal needs, you can cancel any time (we doubt you’ll ever want to).

Offering both grass-fed/grass-finished and grass-fed/grain-finished beef and our exclusive lamb and pork products, we’ll ship directly to you anywhere in the continental United States. Packed frozen and securely placed in dry ice, we’ll guarantee that your shipment gets there cold and ready to store. We use Fedex to ship our goods - which means you’ll get your own special tracking number to (excitedly) follow your order until it gets to your doorstep.

The only thing we ask is that when you get your order, that you put it in the freezer to preserve its freshness (unless of course you’re ready to dig right in!).

And in keeping with our commitment to the environment, we strive to use packaging material made from recycled materials and ask you to recycle whatever packaging you can!

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Perfectly curated & Mouthwatering good!

Because we’re a local meat producer, we have access to cuts your local grocer might not deliver. Each box will be curated with a range of meats and cuts that can be used in a variety of ways. And while we get that it can be scary, we’ve made this easy. We’ll share with you tips on how to cook each cut and recipes that will help you get started.

Become one of our raving fans and dive into your first box today!


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