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You've Got a Crew to Feed!

Perfect for anyone who’s looking to get the most value out of their meat purchase and wants to have access to a variety of meat cuts — anytime!

Whether you’re looking to purchase ¼, ½ or a whole, we offer both grass-fed/grass-finished beef, grass-fed/grain-finished beef or our responsibly raised lamb or pork.

We’ve got you covered.

And even if your crew isn’t ready to eat right now, we deliver our cuts of meat to you frozen so you can store until it’s time to grill or cook!

All of our meats are responsibly raised, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free.


Wholesale in 3 easy steps


Choose Your Quantity

We offer whole, ½ or ¼ grass-fed/grass finished and grass-fed/grain-finished beef and pork and lamb products. Choose the amount you can store and use this season.


Place Your Order

When you place your order online or directly with us, you’ll place a deposit to secure your order and ensure that you’ll be put on our next delivery schedule.


Delivered To Your Door

We’ll bring your meet to you! Usually your order will be fulfilled within 4-6 weeks, we are currently delivering within a specified delivery area within Colorado.


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Please note: Average savings on wholesale purchases are roughly $4/lb when compared to our retail bundles. A grass finished beef quarter will yield approximately 80 lbs. The lead time for this order is 4-6 weeks, but may be less. We will contact you after you place your deposit to go over the details of your delivery.



Are you a restaurant, commercial caterer or chef interested in partnering with us to deliver premium ground beef to your customers?

We have opportunities to partners and help you serve the best tasting, responsibly raised meat in Colorado.

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