Help Regenerate Colorado Grasslands with the Best Tasting, Premium Quality Meats

Better Meats for a Better Environment

At Willow Creek Meats, we know you want to feel good about what you’re eating, which is why we deliver the highest quality, healthy and responsibly raised meat—from right from your own backyard!

As local producer of grass fed meats, we promise to raise our animals in a humane fashion that also respects and restores the environment.

We’ve made it our mission to do things a little differently. 

As local producer of grass fed meats, we promise to raise our animals in a humane fashion that also respects and restores the environment.

We’ve partnered with the Colorado Chapter of The Nature Conservancy®, a global environmental non-profit organization working to restore Colorado grasslands through regenerative grazing. As part of their sustainable grazing lands program, we work to create balance through holistic grazing mechanisms that mimic periodic patterns of native buffalo that once roamed the Great Plains.

We understand how important it is to develop ecologically sustainable cattle ranching—especially in Colorado where our goal is to restore and maintain the grasslands that are so vital for this part of our country.

And when you try our products... you’ll immediately taste the difference.

As our customer, we know that you want to do business with someone who cares, but we also know you want something that tastes great.

We deliver both, which is what makes us so different!



Premium, Sustainable Meats are Our Passion

We bring together 5 generations of cattle ranching know-how with award winning holistic grazing management to deliver the best tasting meats from Colorado.

We take pride in growing food that has been raised in a responsible and loving way so that you can be sure that our meat is exactly what we say it is.

Responsibly raised, healthy, hormone free, nutrient rich, antibiotic free — great tasting!

We know that you put your trust in us, which is why transparency, integrity and quality are qualities that guide the way we do business!

Discover our exceptional beef, lamb and pork products, delivered straight to your door.



Nick & Konnor

An Unlikely Partnership Built Out of a Common Vision

What happens when you combine a fifth generation cattle rancher with a young upstart from the suburbs of Denver?

Something different. Something better. 

You could say that cattle ranching is in Nick’s blood. “There is something about making your living off the land. The independence and innovation is fulfilling - it’s such a pure way to make a living.”

Five years ago, when he ventured on his own, Nick found a ranch east of Denver that had been in operation for some time but needed some help. He saw the 26,000 acres as an opportunity to fulfill his vision of having an ecologically advanced ranch that provided locals with a responsible alternative to conventionally raised meats.

When along came Konnor, an unlikely cattle rancher who grew up in a suburb of Denver but was always drawn to a more rural way of life.

Determined to find his way in this business, Konnor called over 30 ranchers in Colorado looking for an internship. Nick answered the call - he saw a drive and desire that mirrored his own and gave him an opportunity to be a part of and grow something pretty extraordinary.

Their joint vision resulted in Willow Creek Meats, a partnership that is on the forefront of responsible ranching and quality meats!