Rancher's Choice

Do you want to enjoy quality local meats all year long without the need to purchase a deep freezer? We created our meat CSA for that exact reason. When you subscribe you receive a unique bundle of meat every month. Purchasing a CSA also comes at a discounted price compared to our retail price!

The Rancher's Choice CSA is a true CSA. Your rancher's will personally put your order together every month with a variety of cuts that we have in the freezer. You may receive any variety of beef, lamb, or pork. You may even be the first to receive new products that we are testing out. The Rancher's Choice CSA also comes at a discounted price over the Regular CSA Box. The cuts of meat you receive will be a variety. Don’t worry you will not receive anything unusual that you won’t end up using. This is a recurring monthly payment, you can cancel anytime.

The Rancher's Choice CSA ships directly to your door the first Monday of the month!

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