Bulk Grain Finished Beef

Bulk Grain Finished Beef

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Buying in bulk is the most cost effective way to purchase from Willow Creek Meats. On average you will be saving $4/lb compared to our retail bundles. 

Due to COVID-19 caused processing shortages, the lead time for this order is 1-2 months. We will contact you after you place your deposit to go over the details of your delivery.

Purchasing this product is the deposit only. The remaining balance will be due on delivery or pick up. This deposit is non refundable.

1/8 Beef: Total: $500 
$100 Deposit
Due upon delivery: $400 
A grain finished beef eighth will yield approximately 50 lbs.
1/4 Beef: Total: $900 
Deposit: $250
 Due upon delivery: $650
 A grain finished beef quarter will yield approximately 100 lbs.
1/2 Beef: Total: $1,700 
Deposit: $250
 Due upon delivery: $1,450 
A grain finished beef quarter will yield approximately 200 lbs.
Whole Beef: Total: $3,250 
Deposit: $500
 Due upon delivery: $2,750 
A whole grain finished beef will yield approximately 400 lbs.

If you are purchasing a half or a whole animal you have the ability to custom process your order. While the majority of our customers choose to stick with our standard cut sheet, some customers do prefer to choose their cuts. If you do choose to custom cut your animal, your wait time may be extended based on available processing dates.

The standard cut would yield about 50% ground beef in 1 lb bricks, 20-25% roasts and ribs, and 25-30% steaks. 

Remember a good rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for every 35-40 lbs of meat.